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Marico Matters: The Radiant Rhizome

" Look what I bought in Groot Marico!" shrieked Ouma Koekie Venter, prolific maker of crisp koeksisters, to her friend Jazz Bayley, founder of the newly established Greener Fingers Permaculture project. Ouma Koekie referred to Jazz as her 'space age' friend.

"Fresh borrie! I have never seen or tasted it before. Can you grow it for us Jazzie?"

Jazz agreed that the turmeric was beautiful and suggested that the ladies dot each other's foreheads with it as a mark of their friendship.

And so it was that fresh turmeric, the ancient and sacred Indian spice, entered Groot Marico lore.

Soon Oom Piet Karretjie was describing how he had stopped a leak in the radiator of his old bakkie with a piece of turmeric and Bakkies du Plessis said he was going to try it as an anti-venom if he ever got bitten by a cobra.

Jazz's Yellow Fingers Bed Time Soother

A cup of full cream milk

A piece of fresh turmeric - about half an inch will do, peeled and sliced

A teaspoon of coconut oil

A little honey if you like

Warm the milk with the turmeric in it until the milk comes to the boil, let it stand for a minute or two then strain it and add the coconut oil. Taste it first and then add honey if you feel you need extra sweetness. Eat the turmeric or keep it for the next day for another recipe. Sleep well and dream of the Marico Moon.

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