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Marico Matters: AFTER

" Here Rain

is the contradiction in terms.

Rain is everlastingly the recurring dream anew -

of the never-happened before:

Rain is always the first time!"

Egbert van Bart

AFTER the rain the metamorphosis of the cracked and brittle bones of the bushveld is a miracle.

It happens so quickly that you have to doubt your recollections of what it was like BEFORE.

The dry bones put on flesh quickly - heady scented blossoms burst on to indigenous and citrus trees which buzz with bees, beetles, butterflies and birds. Dripping abundance. Barren, parched and fierce are ousted by lush, vibrant and verdant. The bush becomes a dense and impenetrable jungle. There are meadows, reminiscent of damp and dewy English country gardens.

We celebrate rebirth!

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