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Marico Matters: Flying Saucers

" I believe in it because it is impossible".

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen - Paul Torday

Three flying saucers were seen above Groot Marico recently, along with enraged dragons,

giant birds in full flight and other marvellous cloud creatures. These viewings pass for daytime 'soapies' in this rural bushveld place and attract a huge daily following. This is not merely for recreational purposes though but also to monitor the clouds for the hope of rain and the danger of fire. We enjoy a simpler way of life here but not without major challenges. In this water scarce and arid area where the threat of fire is a daily reality and the extreme drought is taking its toll on all living beings the Upper Groot Marico River is a lifeline as it provides the only surface flowing water in the area. Weather conditions are extreme. There are very few basic services and high unemployment. Tourism is key to survival here and fortunately the Marico bushveld never disappoints!

The famous and much used quote by South African author Herman Charles Bosman really sums it up: "There is no other place I know that is so heavy with atmosphere, so strongly and darkly impregnated with that stuff of life that bears the authentic stamp of South Africa". 'Marico Revisited' - Herman Charles Bosman

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